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Claire Webber

Designer and Creator of Stirrups & Stitches Designs LLC

Claire started sewing in 4-H when she was 8. She has sewn all her life, owning her own business for 21 years making wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.  In 2001, after moving from Ryegate to Billings the quilting bug bit, and the wedding gown business went by the way side.  Claire is an award winning quilter. She has been designing a lot of her own quilts for several years. The Silhouette technique came about when making Christmas gifts for her daughters. When working on the second one she hung the first one in her window waiting for batting and backing. When the sun hit the batik, magic happened. No more batting and backing! The silhouette technique was born.

Claire convinced her artist son-in-law Scott, and daughter to get involved and Stirrups & Stitches Designs LLC was created. 

Claire is involved in the design and marketing. She is available to teach classes. 

Scott Hayes


Scott was encouraged to get involved in this company and to branch out into new media by Claire. Scott lives on the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana.  He gets his inspiration for his art by spending time in the wilderness, enjoying the outdoors.  Scott’s art consists of carving intricate scenes in antlers and sheep horns.  He also likes creating beautiful bronze sculptures.  His style is very unique as he often combines the two mediums for a one-of-a-kind piece.  Scott attended The Colorado Institute of Art as well as Montana State University as an art major.  His art has been presented in the CM Russell Art Auction.  He has a piece displayed at the Montana Historical Society.  Scott has won many Best of Show and People’s Choice awards.

Check out some of Scott's work on his Facebook page.

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Krystal Hayes


Krystal is Scott's wife and Claire's daughter. She was a school teacher for over 27 years and has recently retired from teaching to run our new company.  Krystal is very involved in activities at her school, church, and after school program, she helps with the designs, makes the laser cuts and patterns, and runs the day to day business operations. She is available to teach classes. 

Taylor Hayes


Taylor is Scott and Krystal's daughter and Claire's granddaughter. She is currently teaching in Helena, MT.   Taylor has designed all of our small quilts and has recently designed our newest product the Embroidery Hoop Collection.  She helps with the designs and works on our website and online catalog. 

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